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Gives the Machinist What They Want
To compete in today's industrial market place, many tool rooms and job shops have determined their CNC Milling needs can best be met by purchasing a reliable machine tool with a powerful, simple to program, simple to use CNC Control. A DynaPath Tool Room Series Mill equipped with the Delta 2000 Series CNC Control is designed for this customer.

DynaPath 500

Exceptional Value for a Small Bed Mill
DynaPath's Toolroom Series 500 Mill offers exceptional value for a small bed mill. The DynaPath Model 500, 3 axis bed mill is a must for tool rooms and machine shops. Its 31 IP back geared head provides smooth metal cutting through a wide range of speeds. Ihe generous 31' x 15" x 19" travels, coupled with a table capacity of 1,340 lbs., provides for a wide range of |obs to be handled efficiently The DynaPath 500 is extremely versatile, it can be operated as a full 3 axis CC, a full 3 a*is CMC with a manual operated quill head or as a manual milling machine using the handles and operating In the DRO mode of operation. The 500 series bed mill is a perfect replacement for an old worn-out Bridgeport Milling Machine.

Standard equipment includes: 3 HP quill head, handles for manual operation, flood coolant, auto lubrication, vari-spced spindle with M03/ M04 operation.

DynaPath PMC 500

Standard Accessories:
• DynaPath Delta 2000M CKC Control with Standard
  Features, 12p Color LCD
• Cast Iron Bed with Hardened and Ground Slide Ways
• 6,000 RPM Spindle
• Full Enclosure 6 10TOOIATC
• Weight 4,850 lbs.
• X.Y,Z, Travels: 26" x 16'x 16'
• Flood Coolant System
• Auto Lubrication System
• I lalogen Work Light
• Telescoping Way Covers
Optional Accessories:
• Arm Type ATC system
• Chip Auger (Screw type chip conveyor)
• Chain Type Chip Conveyor
• 10 HP Spindle
• CNC Rotary Table Package
• Clamping Kits

DynaPath DMC E Series

The Alternative to a Large, More Expensive Machining Center, Capable of Machining Steel and Aluminum
DynaPath's Toolroom Series Mills, arc a family of machines of different sizes starting . Ihc DMC 31" Model DMC 3E is the answer for shops looking for an alternatie to a large, more expensive vertical machining center. The DMC 3b offers a large work envelope with 10 HP of cutting power delivering up to 6,000 RPM through a machining center head and cartridge spindle. An automatic 16 tool ATC is standard making the DMC 3E a good alternatie I machining center. With 40 Taper spindle, 33.9' x 20' x 24" axes travel a massKe cast Iron ^ame headstock and box ways Ihc DMC 3E series is buill to cut it. You can cut steel and . with ease and cut your budget at the same time with the affordable DWC 3E series by Dynapath Standard equipment includes: 10 HP Cartridge machining center head, bo> s. flood cc lubrication, programmable spindle speeds to 6.00C a table top chip guard. The DMC 3C has a 16-tcx uses the DynaPath Delta 2000 CC with ir conversational programming graphics and color LCD.
500 Specifications
Model 500 series
Work table 10x50"
Table T-slots(WxN) 0.63" x 35
Table load max. 1000 lbs (CENTER)
X axis travel 31"
Yaxis travel 15"
Z axis travel 19"
Spindle nose to table 4" ~ 23"
Spindle center to column 17"
Spindle taper N.ST. #30
Spindle speed / vari-spced pulley 70~4000 R.P.M.
Spindle motor AC 3 IIP
I requency/lnverter OPT
Coolant pump motor 1/8 HP
Quill diameter 3 3/8"
Quill travel 5"
Quill feed 0.02", 0.04", 0.06"
Culling feed 250 ipm
Rapid feed 250 ipm
Floor space (LxWxH) 112x57x80"
Weight (Approx.) 4250 lbs
Packed size (I. xWx H) 67 x 65 x 86"
Positioning accuracy ±0.0004"
Repeatability accuracy ± 0.0002"
DMC 500 Specifications
Model DMC-500
Table size 35"x14"
Table T-slot(NxW) 3 x 71 inches
Max. table load (center) 660 lbs
X axis travel 26"
Y axis travel 16"
Z axis travel 16"
Spindle nose to table surface 3.5--21.5"
Spindle center to column 16.9"
Tabic surface to floor 38"
ATC type Swing drum 10 tools type
Spindle speed 6000 R.P.M. (8000 R.P.M. IS OPT.
Spindle taper CAT #40
Spindle motor 7.5 HP
Rapid feed (X/Y/Z) 390/390/200 IPM
Cutting feed 200 IPM
Coolant pump 1/8 HP
Floor space (I WH) 79.5" x 65" x 90.3"
Weight (Approx.) 4850 lbs
E - Series Specification
Model E3 series                               E4 series E5 series
Tabcl size 40"x16"   48.8" x 18" 60" x 20"
fable T-slot(WxN) 071" X 4 0.71' x 4 071'x 5
Wax. table load (Center) 990 lbs 1320 lbs 1760 lbs
X travel 33.9" 41.7" 52"
Y travel 20" 22" 26"
Z travel 24" 24" 27.6"
Spindle nose to table surface 4.8"~28.8"  4.8""28.9" 4.3" ~31.8"
Spindle center to column 21.7" 23.6" 27.5"
Table surface to floor 32.5" 33.3" 32.5"
Spindle speed 6,000 R.P.M.(8.000 R.P.M. Is OPT.) 6,000 R.P.M.(8,000 R.P.M. is DPI.) 6,000 R.P.M.(8,000 R.P.M. is OPT.)
Spindle motor 10 HP 10 HP 15 HP
Spindle taper CAT#40 CAT#40 CAT#40
Spindle belt 8YU bell 8YU belt 8YU belt
Ball-screw diameter 01.26" 01.26" 01.57"
Pitch of ball-screw 0.20" 0.20" 0.24"
X and Y axis rapid feed 320 ipm 320 ipm 320 Ipm
Z axis rapid feed 320 ipm 320 ipm 320 ipm
Cutting feed 200 ipm 200 ipm 200 ipm
ATC type (OPT) Armless and Arm type arc opt. Armicss and Arm type are opt. Armless and Arm type are opt.
AlC: tool no. 16 tools 16 tools 20 tools
Max. tool diameter 03.54" 03.54" 03.54"
Max. tool weight 015.4 lbs 015.4 lbs 015.4 lbs
Positioning accuracy ±0.0004" ±0.0004" ±0.0004"
Repeatability accuracy ±0.0002" =0.0002" ±0.0002"
Machine weight 6820 lbs  9460 lbs 12320 lbs
Dimension A X - static 66" 82" 103"
Dimension B X - full travel 99"                                              124" 155"
Dimension C width 83" 87" 96'
Dimension D height 96" 97" 101"
E series (optional)
»  Armless type ATC system is DPT. »  Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)
Arm type ATC is OPT
»  The tool chang time is only 3 sec. (tool to tool)

»  The precision spindle is supported by high precision P4 class angular bearing.
»  The spindle is by high torque and lower noise 8YU belt.


Rigid Mechanltc casting.
Slide-ways are coated with Furcite B.
Heavy square slideways provide maximum rigidity and stability.
High precision C3 class ballscrew on all axes.
Hardened and precision ground square way on all axes.
Rigid four-slide-vvay design on base (Y-axis).
* We reserve the right to change design, color or specification without notice.


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